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Banking Kiosk (Single Monitor) Overview

EDGE has introduced its new technology device” banking kiosk” to the market. kiosk technology is based on modern banking operations in order to increase ease of access to banking services for End-users and create added value for banks.AccesorriesServicesAccesorries


  • • Able to connect to alla banking switches, based on ISO8583 and NDC standards
  • • Supporting WOSA/XFS Standards.
  • • Software updating possibility throush center system
  • • High resolution touch LCD panel
  • • Smart and Magnetic card reader
  • • Equipped with speaker and high resolution camera
  • • Equipped with laser printing
  • • Equipped with ADSL and Dial up modems• 1D & 2D barcode reader
  • • Extera monitor to show advertising messages


  • • Printing gift card with customized text and amount
  • • Bill payment
  • • Money transferring (to card or account)
  • • Reporting turn over system
  • • Central monitoring to receive online report and immediate modules
  • • Card blocking possibility
  • • Touch screen
  • Showing information messages continuously on LCD

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